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Maine's Nubble Lighthouse on the Coast of Maine
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Lighthouses were once the saviors of the seacoast. Their bright beacons and resonating foghorns cut through foul weather, warning ships of impending danger and guiding them safely back to shore. In this age of radar and GPS, lighthouses no longer have the life and death significance they once did, yet these distinctive structures still carry the romance and drama of their pasts. More than 60 lighthouses dot the Maine coast from the well known Nubble Light in York to West Quoddy Head, the easternmost lighthouse in the United States.
Maine Lighthouse Video Tour
The rugged, deeply indented coast of Maine has more than 60 lighthouses. At least 54 of the lights are active. For a pictorial tour visit Maine Lighthouse Photos.

Lighthouse preservation is very strong in Maine, as evidenced by the large number of local preservation societies and trusts. The Maine Lights program, passed by Congress in 1996, led to the transfer of 28 lighthouses from the Coast Guard to local preservation groups or other agencies and served as a model for the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000. Except for eight privately-owned towers, all but a handful of Maine's lighthouses now have local support groups. In addition, two powerful national forces for lighthouse preservation, the American Lighthouse Foundation and Lighthouse Digest magazine, are based in Maine.
Seguin Island Light Station
Seguin Island is located two miles off the mouth of the Kennebec River, south of Georgetown Island in Sagadahoc County.

Seguin Island maybe be seen from a number of locations along the coast. At the end of Southport Island, Seguin may be seen at the Town Landing at Newagen at a distance of 6 nautical miles. From Ried State Park in Georgetown, Seguin is 4 nautical miles. The best view of Seguin from the mainland is at Popham Beach State Park. Seguin is at a distance of 2 nautical miles. This is not only the closest place to view the island but, looking at it from this angle, the island is its longest. If you drive a mile past Popham Beach State Park, at the end of the road is Fort Popham, a Civil War fort built to guard the mouth of the river. Seguin is 3 nautical miles in the distance. To the north - upriver- Perkins Island Light can be seen.
Hurricane Waves at Portland Head Light
Video of Crashing Waves at Portland Head Light After a Hurricane.

Portland Head Light Station is a lighthouse located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It has been called the "Most photographed lighthouse in North America." The lighthouse is visited by nearly one million people per year.

Portland Head Light stands 80 feet above ground and 101 feet above water, its white conical tower being connected with a dwelling. The 200,000 candlepower, DCB 224 airport style aerobeacon is visible from 16 miles away. The grounds and keeper's house are owned by the town of Cape Elizabeth, while the tower and fog signal are owned and maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard as a current aid to navigation.
Nubble Lighthouse York Maine

Cape Neddick Lighthouse, also known as the Nubble Lighthouse, is located in York Beach, ME. The requests for a light station on the "Nubble" began in 1807. Approval for the light station was made by Congress in 1874, after numerous boating accidents.

1879 Cape Neddick light was built and started operating in July of 1879. The tower stands 41 feet tall (39' to the center of the lantern) and is 88 feet above the ocean. The red beacon of the Nubble flashes at 6 second intervals and can be seen from 13 nautical miles away. The tower is made of cast iron which is lined with brick. Surrounding the tower is a railing that is supported by 12 posts, each being topped with a small cast iron lighthouse. There are conflicting stories over the original color of the tower, some say red some say brown. It was repainted its current color of white in 1902.

In 1911 the walkway that connects the home to the tower was constructed so that during bad weather the keeper could access the tower without going outside. A bell tower was constructed in 1911 and was later replaced by a fog horn in 1961. The horn is activated by the weather and will sound during rainy and foggy periods. In 1950 the Coast Guard repainted the red house (where a generator is housed) to white. Many people complained and it was repainted its original red color again.

In 1977, NASA sent artifacts into space on board the Voyager II. Among the artifacts that were to teach the extraterrestrial about us was a picture of the Nubble Light. On July 13, 1987 the lighthouse became automated and the last Lighthouse Keeper of the Nubble, Russell Ahlgrea, moved out. The house is no longer occupied. The town of York obtained ownership of the lighthouse on December 15, 1997. Although the town maintains the property and owns the island, the beacon itself is still maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1989 the Historical Preservation Commission restored the building and replaced the two smaller windows at the top of the building with one large one, which was how the house was originally built.

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